Here we go!!!!!

Hey, hola!!por favor lea esto o/or read this please :{D. Sometimes NSFW, Videogames(Pokemon,Zelda,Castlevania,
Tales Series, Sonic, etc) Comics(Marvel and DC)!!, manguxanimu (old
stuff,Seinen,Horror,Moe, Cute,Ecchi,always girls..and why not ..Gore) JJBA, music (post,metal,metalcore,deathcore,etc) ,Art (Dan Mumford,Alex Pardee,Keaton Henson,etc) and good fucking cool stuff!!!!



Anónimo said: Not only do I like your blog (haha I found it) but I also am OBSESSED with you secretly. Ok here we go.. I got this idea from a Tumblr spam I got once lol.. I think you like me too and you were always too shy to admit it :3 go to crushmatches(dót)com (wtf it wont let me link regular) and make an account there. Then look up the profile 'gottagetme19' (me obviously) I left body pictures.. if you can guess who I am hit me up and we'll hang soon. You need a C C but its free