Here we go!!!!!

Hey, hola!!por favor lea esto o/or read this please :{D. Sometimes NSFW, Videogames(Pokemon,Zelda,Castlevania,
Tales Series, Sonic, etc) Comics(Marvel and DC)!!, manguxanimu (old
stuff,Seinen,Horror,Moe, Cute,Ecchi,always girls..and why not ..Gore) JJBA, music (post,metal,metalcore,deathcore,etc) ,Art (Dan Mumford,Alex Pardee,Keaton Henson,etc) and good fucking cool stuff!!!!



twinkierod said: Dude, i love your fuckin blog, it's awesome!!! <3

lol, i know, it’s your blog too … hahahaahah

awww :(

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oh great…