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Hey, hola!!por favor lea esto o/or read this please :{D. Sometimes NSFW, Videogames(Pokemon,Zelda,Castlevania,
Tales Series, Sonic, etc) Comics(Marvel and DC)!!, manguxanimu (old
stuff,Seinen,Horror,Moe, Cute,Ecchi,always girls..and why not ..Gore) JJBA, music (post,metal,metalcore,deathcore,etc) ,Art (Dan Mumford,Alex Pardee,Keaton Henson,etc) and good fucking cool stuff!!!!



How to become a Japanese Pop Star. 

How to become a Japanese Pop Star. 

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Kill Bill Vol.I (2003) dir. Quentin Tarantino

Kill Bill Vol.I (2003) dir. Quentin Tarantino

The last con i went
- Every single fucking deadpol, yes is not funny anymore
-“the sexy cosplay” = attetion whores
-the homestuck guys

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ROA (b. 1976, Ghent, Belgium)   Street Artist



“Anatomical Venus”  - Atlas Obscura

“La Specola” (Museo di Storia Naturale) : Florence, Italy
“Anatomical Venus”
by Clemente Susini Wax model with human hair and pearls in rosewood and Venetian glass case; Probably modeled by Clemente Susini (around 1790)

Much of my artwork, scholarship, and work with the Morbid Anatomy Blog and Library revolves around the luxuriously bizarre Anatomical Venus, a kind of female wax anatomical model popularized in the 18th century. Over the past six years, I have made it my goal to find — and photograph! — as many of these amazing pieces as possible, and to learn as much as I can about these lovely ladies, with a special eye towards understanding the historical moment in which they rose to prominence as the ideal way to illuminate the anatomy of woman for a popular audience. I was recently invited to contribute an article on this topic to the ”Enchantment” special issue of WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly. Below is an excerpt from this piece, “Ode to an Anatomical Venus,” and some of my photographs of these wax women.